Brand Manager Processes

Last Updated: October 8, 2021

The e-Commerce Brand Manager is an individual who is interested in growing with a fast-growing company by applying their skills and knowledge to build their assigned brands. You will work closely with the Online Department Manager, and be responsible for day to day management of assigned brands on our online platforms.

The e-Commerce Brand Manager will be responsible for;

Accurate product listings, Inventory management, Competitive pricing and communication between Gibbys and Vendors.

Brand Managers are to check their emails first thing in the morning everyday.
Emails should be put into specific folders with rules to get them into the correct one.

All Brand Managers are to have this set up identically to the image on right right

How order emails should look

Brand managers will be checking their emails for products that have sold. If one has sold on any website they are to go and check Fishbowl for how many are left.

Fishbowl automatically updates Inventory on Gibbys, Amazon, New Egg and Walmart. You will need to update Inventory on Best Buy.
Rule for inventory on third party sites is 1/3 of inventory can be shown. Example: If there are 6 in fishbowl, we can have 2 on third party sites.

When a Brand Manager is done checking all their emails they will begin to look at what they have as a priority to do for the rest of the day.

Throughout the day they must keep track of their emails and what is selling.
When something is sold they should get an email, (Email desktop notifications should be turned on)


  1. Inventory
  2. Check Receiving History in Fishbowl for new incoming products.
  3. Competitive Pricing
  4. Uploading New Products (including Open Box)
  5. Uploading Bundles
  6. Fixing Old Products

Brand Managers will need to go through every brand and product to assure all products are on all allowable sites.
Since Inventory is automatic (as long as fishbowl and that site has the same sku) for Gibbys, Amazon, New Egg and Walmart you are responsible that all new products are published on these sites , you will only need to do an Inventory check for Best Buy.

When double checking Inventory is up to date on Amazon, Check to see if any authorized competitor is OFF MAP. If they are screenshot and send to Rep or MAP committee and CC Duane.

Once they’re done Amazon, Brand Managers are to go through the rest of the websites and check to see if we have the buy box.

This will help do a double check, review Amazon SKU’s are stocked or zeroed out or removed if EOL and verify pricing


When a new pricelist is received Brand Managers are to replace the old one in Gibbys Google Drive.

Once this is done they will open up Gibbys Quick update, and go through every product listed on our website for that brand. If a product cannot be found on the NEW price list, and they cannot find it on Fishbowl, the Brand Managers are to remove that item from the site.

Brand Managers will go through Gibbys Quick update and will note what is on the pricelist and what is not.

When they’ve reached the end of products for that brand on Gibbys Quick update the Brand Managers will know which products on the New pricelist need to be uploaded. 

If a Brand Manager is in the backend of a product, it’s their job to ensure that product adheres to our uploading product standards, before pressing publish. 

Brand Managers are responsible for their products and the integraty of them.


When Brand Managers have products to upload they must enter them into our Uploading spreadsheet so we can keep track of who uploaded and when the products got uploaded.

When you get a new Brand

A list of Brands and the Managers to that Brand are listed here .

When you get a new brand , make sure all items on the pricelist are uploaded on Gibbys, unless otherwise stated by Duane.

Cross check the grid and pricelist to the website and make sure we have the correct pricing for each product.

Make sure all items that are allowed to be on 3rd party are uploaded.

Make a list of all items that are EOL and keep track of those items once inventory is at 0 and none are on order that listing can be deleted.

Please keep all Price grids in the same format.